Our main inspiration source is the women themselves – the MANU’s People. We believe that a woman should not be classified by a single pattern. She can be a combination of many different women. She is the type of woman who defines the brand, not the type of woman who is defined by a brand. She is passionate, original, pure, courageous, but she can be fragile and sharp, weak and strong. She has an attitude. Her style is her own. It’s personal, existential. She is both inspired and inspiring. She embraces her spirituality, aspires to her dreams and lives through her passions.

Latest — #Sculptingmanu
Manu Atelier invited a global collective of creative individuals, whose personal style and taste embody the idiosyncratic feminity of the brand, and challenge them to express their individual moods through a sculpture with their personal picks from the Pre-Fall 2020 Collection.
Latest — #CylinderWorld
Latest — Lara Stone in Manu Atelier