Manu Atelier’s #ManusPeople is an abstract community of muse, who are innovative, independent, and respect the world they live in. Manu Atelier’s community points to people who value these unique elements and walk on the same path. #Manuspeople define our products in their own distinctive manner. While respecting their past, they are always part of the future. With #Manuspeople, the concept of continents, solid borders and distances disappear. A timeless and constant exchange of inspiration between us and #manuspeople begins since the birth of Manu Atelier and continues endlessly and without limit.

Latest — #Sculptingmanu
Manu Atelier invited a global collective of creative individuals, whose personal style and taste embody the idiosyncratic feminity of the brand, and challenge them to express their individual moods through a sculpture with their personal picks from the Pre-Fall 2020 Collection.
Latest — #CylinderWorld
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